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Che and Venga

Age: Che approximately 8 years

Sex: Both female

Color: Che – white with splodge of black,  Venga – black and some white


They were abandoned and lived rough for about three months.  They are super friendly and love each other.


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Bailey and Neeko

Age: Both born July 2021

Sex: both female

Color: Bailey – tortoiseshell   Neeko – tabby


The owner sadly had to surrender them due to severe allergies.  Bailey is nervous around loud noises but loves to play with balls in a cardboard box.

Neeko loves her belly being rubbed.

At the moment they are a little sad but are coming round.  They are both used to children.  They need to go together.


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Age: Approximately 6 years old

Sex: Female

Color: Tortoiseshell Tabby and white


Daisy has lived outside for a number of years.  A very kind gentleman looked after her but unfortunately could not take her with him when he moved.  She is fine with dogs and other cats but tends to keep herself to herself.  She just needs somewhere to lay her head, rest and be warm.

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Reggie and Ronnie

Age: Approximately 1 years old

Sex: Both Male

Colour: Reggie – is more fluffy 

Reggie is very reserved and tends to hide.  Ronnie is much more outgoing.  They could be homed separately as they are not really that interested in each other’s company.


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