Success Stories

This is Tiggy.  He wasn’t even one year old when he came to us but he will soon be off to his new home later in November.
We are very naughty but a very kind lady has offered to take us to live with her.  Despite the fact that we are not at all friendly.

Putty and Chloe has gone to new homes this October.

Coco has joined another one of our souls (Si) and is famous on the Laser Local Radio based in Leek.
Who would have thought it!  Me, Thomas O Malley with a new home.  They love me and I love being with them.
I am Sakura.  I had been with the Home for months.  I think people thought that I was too old and my fur was a bit messy but I met a wonderful lady who seemed to have been searching just for me.  I now live in luxury; taken me a little time to get used to it but my new ‘mum’ is so patient with me.
Hi…I am Pebbles, although Nicola insists on calling me Peebles.  I am a Bengal and very loving.  New home and new start.  Thank you


Hi my name is Roman

As you can see I liked to be loved but I was very grumpy with a lot of people who visited.  Then a couple arrived and I decided that they were the ones.  I am now in my new home and loved everyday.  There really is someone for each of us.






Some other souls who have new forever homes…

This is MowMow.  He was 10 years old when he arrived with us.  His owner loved him dearly but could no longer look after him.  He now lives with a house of other cats and is very happy.  He can be found sitting with his new owner most evenings.Mow

We all came in to the Home together as babies.  We all now have new homes and are very happy.  Thank you


Meet Socks and Molly Moo.  They came to us in April because a very kind lady at Broad Oak was concerned and took the time to make the call.  We could not find their mother and so they have been hand fed.  Against the odds they survived and have found a new forever home with a beautiful family in Longton.

This beautiful soul (now named Khaleesi by her new owner) came in pregnant and a month later gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens; three tabbies and two all black.  5kittens3


I have a wonderful new home.  My mum has given me a new name (Mitz).  It is great to have a safe home where I am loved.  Follow me on Facebook.


three kittens from Haregate

I am Tails.  I now have a new home and I am loved.  Thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to start a new life.




We have all found new homes.   A big thank you to our new owners.  Also to the lovely lady on Haregate (Leek) who looked after when we were very small and could not leave our mother.WesleyMy name is Wesley and after a little wait I have finally got a new home.  I will be living in Leek with a lovely lady.


Molly has now gone to her new home having been with us for nearly 2 months.

Here are some of our animals who have already found new homes.