Animals needing adoption


Hi I am Eartha.  I have been with the Charity before.  The first time I arrived I was in a poor state but a kind couple took me to live with them.  Although they loved me they could not keep me so here I am again looking for another chance.
This is Billy.  He was found wondering and looked after by a very kind person.  He is now looking for a new forever home.
Oreol – had to moved because her family had to leave the area for their own safety.  They were not allowed to take pets with them.  She is very scared and needs someone to be patient with her.  She has moved to a foster home in Ilam to try to help her to be less scared.  Here she is living with other cats, dogs and children.  She is doing well but still does not like to be picked up.  We would love to move her from foster care direct to a new home rather than bringing her back into the cattery.  Let’s hope that someone sees this and gives her a chance.



I am Octavia, my partner in crime Oswald is below.  Unlike Oswald I am still very frightened and still hid.  I would need you to be very patient with me .  I just want to be loved.



Hello, my name is Steele.  When I first arrived I looked very sad and rather grumpy but not any more.  Now I look very smart and would love a new forever home.  Below is a picture of me a few weeks ago…