Animals needing adoption


Above is Socks.  Sadly her owner passed away. She is old but friendly and just needs somewhere warm and loving.

Above is Octavia.  She first came to us back in October with two other cats; Oswald and Oreol both of whom are no in new homes.  She was moved because her human family had to go somewhere new where they would be safe but they could not take their pets with them.  She is now with our foster carers and as you can see in the picture on the right she is much more sociable than before.  She is still frightened and will continue to need a lot of care and patience but she would love a new forever home.

This is Smudge.  He is old and has a heart murmur and not many teeth; even less now since he had some major dental work done.  He is very friendly.  When he visited the shop for day he tried so hard to get people to love him.  He just needs somewhere to rest.
I am Jenson.  I don’t like dogs.  I am 8 years old.  Nicola says that I am very handsome.



Hello, my name is Steele.  When I first arrived I looked very sad and rather grumpy but not any more.  Now I look very smart and would love a new forever home.  Below is a picture of me a few weeks ago…